Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My summer project - update

The update is that nothing is moving much. I am pretty much stuck as to where to get the background image from, how to get a good model reference picture from, since it's nude and requires sunlight and other small things (such as where to get the fabric from, what wood panel side to get etc' but that is really a small issue).

I think once I have the background decided on I will be on the horse and ready to move forward. This lead me to the thought today of "just pick one and go with it even if it's not perfect". Not an easy thing to do for me. When it comes to art I am very picky. The Atelier beat it out of me a little bit. I get there early in the morning and draw what is there, like it or not and eventually I like the result even if partially. However, it doesn't work well when I see something in the subject I really like and this is a case when I like the subject.

Maybe I can do the figure alone and linger with the background so that I can start working. Yes... yes... It may end up making the composition slight less than perfect but this is a summer project and the summer only lasts so long. This is indeed what I should do!

So the plan is to look through more backgrounds today, to test the appearance of pure sunlight on the body (it may be too much and I'd have to change it to something more subtle somehow, like indirect sunlight).

OK, let's get moving!

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