Friday, July 8, 2016

Being part of history adds glamour to our present era

I've always felt like, the past is mysterious and interesting, the future is mysterious and interesting, but the present, just happens to be a random time in which I live, and it is plain and non distinctive. It has no fancy puffy gowns or cool futuristic suits full of new gadgets.
But actually I realized something, which is self evident but is still not experienced as such - that in a way we also live in history. The events that take place now, the specific characteristics of this era will one day be studied by the future civilization. they will look at our art, at our current events, fundamental philosophy and ideas, and will classify them according to how they fit with everything else.
To them, our clothes will be a mysterious, cool and bizarre thing just as the 19th century gowns are to us.
It's not that we have to see the world through their eyes, it's that we can choose to look at our time as being unique among other times in history (both past and future, because the world *will* change).
And to me, that makes all the everyday things acquire a much grander meaning. We are both unique and part of a whole. And that means we can cherish ordinary things, even something like sidewalks or cars. There'd come a day when those will no longer exist in their current form. And we (and whatever other number of generations) are the only ones who get to experience them.

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